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Manjushree Naik, Mumbai June 27 , 2019
Leading specialty chemicals company Clariant recently held “Envisioning Beauty,” a Personal Care Customer Symposium, at Renaissance Convention Centre Hotel in Mumbai.

The event opened with the welcome address offering an overview of the company by Gautam Kanthadai, head – sales & application development, Clariant India. In his address, Kanthadai highlighted how the company focussed on three important areas - sustainable products, natural active ingredients and functionality.

He pointed out how the personal care business across the world was biggest in Europe, but Asia-Pacific was fast catching up. He presented details on how the company had a presence across various verticals including industrial and home care and personal care.

Kanthadai’s address was followed by a presentation by Stephanie Toh, regional marketing lead, personal care, industrial & home care, Clariant APAC. Her presentation pertained to Global and Regional Beauty Trends & Introduction to Product Portfolio.

Toh also mentioned an all-new product range for frequent flyers which is all solid. Thus saving from the hassles of carrying liquid toiletries. A key fact shared by Toh was that French beauty industry had entered a genderless phase as far as the product offerings were concerned.

The next session was on Skin Lightening by Julie Droux, senior technical marketing specialist, BU ICS, Clariant France. She spoke on three ingredients - Whiten, MadeWhite and Epseama. According to her, skin products have to ensure a uniform skin surface, free from imperfections and offering healthy glow and luminous complexion.

Droux said, “In beauty range, 46% of the products are for fairness and whitening. The market is INR 270 billion and the products include even vaginal whiteners.”

According to a survey almost 60 different skin colours exist, she said. Droux highlighted the use of Centella asiatica extracts in creams. She informed that Cica creams was one of the hottest trends in K-beauty offerings

Talking about the Epseama range, Droux observed that the anti-ageing market was growing rapidly. People were not opting for plastic surgery anymore, they were looking for cosmetics to age well.

After a short break, Droux was back with a session on Antipollution & Anti-Acne which focussed on the ingredients Eosidin, Redsnow and Gesolza.

The next session was held by Kavita Gaikwad, technical manager, consumer care, Clariant India. She spoke on Envisioning a Call for Nature with focus on Glucotain, Neutrotain, Plantasens Flash, and Nipaguard Zero.

The remaining sessions for the day included another one by Droux on Skin Soothing and Moisturising and Food Cosmetics - Sculpting Textures by Priyanka Talavadekar, technical service - consumer care, Clariant India. Lastly, Varsha Satpute from Chemico wound up the day with a talk on Modest and Cost-Effective Solutions.

Live Labs and Demo Sessions turned out to be lively attracting crowds.    

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