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Gireesh Babu, New Delhi March 16 , 2023
In line with the Central government’s move to gather subject specific expertise and young technical professionals to fill the skill gap in various departments including those related to pharma and healthcare, the Ministry of Ayush has decided to prepare a panel for engagement of consultants in the Ministry on contract basis.

The Ministry has said that the National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB) is proposing to prepare a panel of consultants on contract basis, in order to fulfill the requirements including those related to the budget and policy matters.

At present, the Ministry is looking to engage one consultant on contract basis, initially for a period of one year, which may be extended on year to year basis subject to functional requirements and also subject to appraisal of the performance.

The consultant may need to specialise in administration and establishment matters, budget, policy matters ad project/scheme related works.

Preference will be given to persons who are proficient in working independently oin e-office and other computer applications and those who have handled policy/administrative matters and related issues while in service. The candidate should not be more than 64 years of age on the last date for receipt of application and the age ceiling for continuation of contract shall be 65 years as on the date of renewal of contract year to year basis, it added.

The engagement of the consultant on contract basis will be subject to the guidelines for engaging consultant of the Ministry of Ayush. Interested and eligible candidates are asked to submit their particulars in a format supplied by the Ministry, along with the curriculum vitae and other relevant documents, within 21 days of publishing of the circular, it added.

It may be noted that the Department of Pharmaceuticals has recently issued new guidelines for hiring of technical and non technical consultants, and young professionals in order to fill the skill gap in the in-house expertise in technical areas and to compensate for the large number of vacancies in the Central Secretariat Services.

The move is to support the pharmaceutical industry to achieve new heights in the global pharmaceutical market, which require measures to be taken by the Department based on industry feedback and global experiences. Some of the measures include policy measures and incentivisation, investment and trades, nurturing skilled manpower and researchers, and industry facilitation.

The promotion and coordination of basic, applied and other research in the areas related to pharmaceutical sector including international cooperation on pharma research are key areas to enhance competitiveness of the sector. The DoP, as a technical department, is entrusted to perform a lot of technical works.

Explaining the requirement for the guidelines for hiring technical staff, the DoP says, “However, as the Department does not have in-house technical expertise and needs to hire personnel - Young professionals (Tech), Technical Consultants and Senior Technical Consultants who possess the requisite skill set - with more flexibility to deliver.”

The young professionals (Tech), technical consultants and senior technical consultants to be hired are expected to work in areas where in-house expertise is not available.

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA), the drug price monitoring and regulating body under the DoP, is also in the process of hiring consultants and young professionals in the Authority on contract basis to fill the skill gap.

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