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Nandita Vijayasimha, Bengaluru December 18 , 2023
The Indian Pharmaceutical Congress (IPC) 2024, which is the 73rd edition of the event, is slated to be held in Hyderabad from July 5 to 7, 2024. The venue is the HITEX city. This is the sixth time Hyderabad is hosting the event which is being organised by the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA). The theme of the event is ‘Indian Pharma for Global Wellbeing.’

The theme is in sync with the Indian pharma’s capability. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has stood the test of time during the Covid-19 pandemic supplying not just medicines but also develop and supply the required vaccines locally and globally, said Dr. T V Narayana, national president, IPA.

IPC is usually held annually in the month of December. The reason for moving the event to July 2024 has been the conduct of five state assembly elections including Telangana in early December. In a few months, the country is also heading for the general elections between April and May 2024. The non-availability of the venue was another factor posing a challenge to organise such a mammoth event, said Dr Narayana.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is facing pricing pressures, increasing competition, and the need for continued compliance with evolving global regulatory standards. Intellectual property issues, including patent challenges and disputes, which can impact the growth of the industry needs to be offset. “Therefore, IPC 2024 will be positioned to garner attention to many of these issues,” he added.

The president of the IPCA (Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Association) is Dr. B. Partha Saradhi Reddy, chairman, Hetero Group of Companies. He is also the member of Rajya Sabha. A S Giri will be the chairman of the Local Organising Committee.

Hyderabad was finalised as the venue because of the presence of large number of pharma companies. The city is also the bulk drug capital of the country. Telangana state is increasingly gaining prominence as a pharma hub. Specifically, Hyderabad is known for its Medak cluster accounts for 40 per cent of the total bulk drug production in India and 50 per cent of the bulk drug exports.
Now our effort is that this 73rd IPC should have an increased presence of pharma industry across R&D, manufacture, marketing, among others. So long we have been observing an under representation of the pharma industry and the event was largely being thronged by the pharmacy students. Also we noted that IPC was moving away its attention towards the industry which is the backbone of the event. With our concerted efforts, industry is the pivot of the event, Dr Narayana, who is in Bengaluru, told Pharmabiz.

The pharmaceutical industry in India is a critical sector that plays a significant role in the country's economy and healthcare system. India is known as the ‘pharmacy of the world because of its robust generic drug manufacturing capabilities. This industry has carved niche with a strong presence in the production of generic drugs, contributing significantly to global healthcare accessibility, noted Dr Narayana.

The sessions revolve around current industry relevant topics. To this end, a CEO Conclave and B2B meetings are also being planned. Over 8,0000 delegates from the industry alone are expected to participate. In addition, the academia, hospitals, regulatory bodies and pharmacy professional associations will also have their due presence. Orbit is the exhibitor of the IPC 2024, he said.

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