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Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai March 09 , 2023
The Pharmaceutical Association of Marketers and Manufacturers (PAMM), an organisation formed in Tamil Nadu by the breakaway group of the pharma marketers’ body, CIPMMA, is turning out to be a training platform for business entrepreneurs and start-up companies who want to venture into pharmaceutical business, both manufacturing and marketing, it is learnt.

The leaders of the association, who are long-experienced in the marketing, trade and manufacturing, will organize continuous training programmes (CTPs), workshops and seminars to upskill the new entrants into the business to support their business growth by sharing knowledge about new trade policies, marketing strategies, market situations, management of business competitions and develop the skills required to acquire leadership in the chosen field.

The first training programme was kicked off by the association in the month of January this year during the association’s inauguration programs, and the second one will be held in the first week of April. “We have decided to hold one training programme every three months and a total of four such programs will be conducted in each year. The participants are our members but those who want to enter into the pharmaceutical business or invest in the pharma industry or trade sector will also be welcomed. Professionals as well as graduates in pharmaceutical sciences and business administration can learn more about their future plans from these workshops which will be conducted by eminent industry or academic community or business experts with multiple experiences,” says A Kannan, general secretary of the PAMM.     
Although PAMM was officially inaugurated two months ago the association was launched nearly two years before as soon as its general secretary Kannan was ousted from the Consortium of Indian Pharmaceutical Marketers and Manufacturers Association, CIPMMA. During the last one year PAMM could create a foothold in all the districts in Tamil Nadu as well as in nearby states. Currently, the association has members in Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry. Formation of state committees in Telangana, Odisha and Maharashtra is in the pipeline, says Kannan.
“A hall in Hotel Deluxe in Chennai is available permanently for rent for our quarterly training programs. Each program will be attended by members from different states. Classes will be taken by experts in each field and we will utilize the expertise of the retired regulators, senior industry persons, marketing managers, brand managers and industry experts as resource persons. By attending this training program, a new entrepreneur is unlikely to make mistakes in business, but he will be able to manage all situations. The focus is to encourage the entrepreneurs to do business and find suitable markets for their growth. This is entirely a free initiative from the side of PAMM,” Kannan told Pharmabiz.
The first training program that was conducted in January was attended by 250 members, mainly pharma marketing people. The trainer was Dr. L Ramanathan, general manager, regulatory affairs at Apex Laboratories in Chennai.
In the second workshop, selected students from pharmacy colleges will be admitted to learn about pharmaceutical business. Earlier PAMM had announced its vision to motivate and train pharmacy graduates about the changing pattern of pharma business. The association feels that in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic there are several changes in the field of marketing which necessitates the evolution of new strategies which have to be implemented for the growth of the business. This will be discussed in the April workshop in Chennai, he said.

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