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A Raju, Hyderabad October 31 , 2020
With researchers and doctors optimistic and certain that the COVID-19 vaccine is getting ready to be launched in the Indian markets very soon, the Hyderabad-based Medihauxe Pharma, which is known for handling and distribution of critical care, life-saving super specialty drugs, is fully gearing up to handle, store and distribute corona vaccine in both the Telugu states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

While informing this, Girish Bhat, managing director of Medihauxe Pharma said that they are already having a wide experience and expertise in handling temperature sensitive specialty medicines and cold chain pharma products.

“We are having a state-of-the-art facility for storage and the warehouse infrastructure facility is one of the best in the country.  We have equipped with the latest technology, coupled with time-tested systems, agile management to ensure world class service. Am sure we can handle, store and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine effectively in not only Telangana and AP but also across India,” said Bhat.

Adding further, P Manohar, director of Medihauxe said that the company has installed first-ever, temperature-sensitive medicine cooling facility in its warehouses, wherein temperatures can be easily regulated up to 2-8 degrees depending on the requirements. At distribution level has all the requisite infrastructure such as cold chain, walk-in-cold rooms, data loggers etc, informed Manohar.

Medihauxe Pharma has an experience of 25 years in the storage and distribution of super specialty and highly sensitive pharma products and is currently handling, storing and distributing over 3,000 super specialty life saving pharmaceutical products.

Medihauxe Pharma currently deals with medicine categories such as cancer; liver, lung, kidney and cardiac transplants. Its facilities are audited by international pharma majors. The current turnover of the company is Rs. 180 crore and has 120 employees. Many private and government organizations have been visiting Medihauxe Pharma for a study tour to understand its facilities.   

As 4 out of 6 leading vaccine makers in the world are located in Hyderabad, not just India the entire world is looking at Hyderabad for the launch of new vaccine. In view of this, Medihauxe Pharma is preparing ground for stocking, storing and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. “We are confident that the first COVID-19 vaccine will be rolled out from Hyderabad. As we are nearing to the vaccine, companies and the government machineries are looking at Medihauxe Pharma for its delivery in Telugu states as we have a proven track record,” added Bhat.

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