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Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai August 05 , 2022
A pharmacist-cum-owner of a medical shop at Kodavasal in Thiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu, was brutally assaulted by two persons on August 3 for not giving drugs of sedative-hypnotics without prescription.  The local police have begun a probe to trace the assailants.
According to the complaint given by the pharmacist, the incident took place at 7.30 in night August 3.
Ravikumar, the shop owner and pharmacist said two persons came to the shop and asked for a scheduled category drug, Zolfresh 10 mg, without prescription. The pharmacist refused to dispense the drug as the regulatory agency has given strict warning to the medical shops against sale of prescription drugs without doctors’ advice. On refusal of giving the drug, the attackers barged into the shop and pulled the pharmacist out and beat him up, said Ravikumar, the pharmacist who is now under treatment at the Medical College Hospital at Thiruvarur. 
Later, on the advice of the district chemists and druggists association (CDA), he lodged a complaint with the local police. In addition to this, Thiruvarur district secretary of the CDA, Mannarkudi Ramachandran, filed a case with the office of the district police officer who informed him that immediate action would be taken on the incident. The CCTV footage of the violence has been shared with the police for easy investigation.
When Pharmabiz contacted the investigation officer at the Kodavasal police station, the inspector Amaldas said investigation is going on, but both the accused in the case are also admitted in the hospital. One of the two persons has undergone a heart surgery, said the inspector.
Talking to Pharmabiz from the hospital bed, Ravikumar said these two persons used to come to the medical shop and ask for narcotic drugs without any prescription. Recently, the drug control department had conducted surprise raids in all the medical shops at Thiruvarur, Kodavasal and Kumbhakonam and licences of several shops were cancelled for selling scheduled category drugs without prescription.
Thiruvarur district committee secretary of the CDA wanted the government to give full protection to the chemist shops and the dealers from being attacked by miscreants. He said if police do not take any action, the association will conduct a medical bandh in the district.
Although Pharmabiz sought responses from Trichy Manohar, president of TN CDA and T Selvam, secretary of the state trade body, both of them did not respond to the incident. One retail pharma trader in Chennai has alleged that the state office-bearers are reluctant to attend to the issues of the medicine traders in the state.
Mohammad Kalam, the assistant drug controller (ADC) at Tanjore said he will report the incident to the headquarter office in Chennai.

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