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Our Bureau, New Delhi August 12 , 2022
The Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) during the second quarter of the year 2022, from April to June, has reported a two per cent degrowth compared to the Moving Annual Total (MAT) of the same period previous year, with anti infectives and respiratory therapies major cause of the decline while pain and gastro contributed positively to the growth, according to a report from analytics major IQVIA.

In its quarterly insights for the second quarter of the year 2022, from April to June, the overall IPM market during the three months stood at around Rs. 47,000 crore MAT, as against around Rs. 48,000 crore during the same period of 2021, registering a decline of around two per cent. While chronic therapies registered a five per cent growth compared to the same period of previous year, acute therapies declined six per cent during the comparable period.

The IPM market size at the end of June stood at Rs. 1,85,023 crore, as against Rs. 1,71,000 crore reported during the previous year. Both the multinationals and the Indian companies have reflected same degrowth of two per cent in the second quarter, said the IQVIA quarterly insight.

Anti-infectives registered 18 per cent decline in terms of value compared to the same period last year (Previous Period Growth or PPG), with Cephalosporins, which contributes to around 42 per cent of the total anti-infectives segment reported 18 per cent degrowth while macrolides declined 45 per cent and quinolones declined 14 per cent (PPG). Azithromycin contributing to 59 per cent of Macrolides was at a degrowth of 65 per cent, while ampicillin/amoxycillin reported a high growth of 10 per cent. Carbapenems showed decline of 32 per cent majorly due to a 36 per cent decline in meropenem, said the report.

In the acute respiratory therapy, the degrowth was 21 per cent in vale compared to PPG and the impact is probably seen because of higher base in the same period of last year and the Omicron wave in the first quarter of 2022. Cough preparations contributing around 54 per cent of the total therapy sales have shown a degrowth of 34 per cent. Cold preparations (2%) and Antihistamines, systemic (7%) reported a good growth. However, pain and gastro-intestinal segments reported five and 13 per cent growth respectively during the period.

Amongst chronic therapies, neuro and central nervous system (CNS) registered robust growth of 12% compared to the previous period growth (PPG) and also led in terms of absolute incremental value, followed by urology (23%) and pain (36%). Anti- diabetes (4 per cent growth compared PPG in terms of value) and cardiac (zero per cent) grew lesser than chronic total growth. Growth of chronic respiratory therapy declined 10 per cent both PPG and sequential quarter growth.

Number of new launches have declined by 29 per cent in 2022, as compared to 2021 with Covid related new launches showing a higher decline. The new launches in the IPM has come down from 3,235 in numbers with Rs. 3,361.3 crore MAT June, 2021, to 2,306 launches valued at Rs. 1,052.4 crore in June, 2022. The Covid related launches till June 2021 was 506 worth Rs. 2,143.8 crore, which has come down to 69 launches with value of Rs. 98.4 crore during June, 2022, said the report.

South and North India lead the contribution into IPM during the quarter ended June, with North growing three per cent PPG and South reporting one per cent growth. Most incremental sales came from Delhi and Kerala, while the regional such as UP, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Telengana reported a decline. West zone showed heavy decline of 14 per cent with Maharashtra reporting the highest degrowth of 16 per cent, followed by Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai and Goa.

In the East zone, a growth of three per cent was reported, driven by Assam, West Bengal, Kolkata and Odisha. Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand showed a decline in sales.

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