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Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru June 15 , 2019
Intech DMLS sees that additive manufacturing is paving the way for improved, patient-specific medical care. The Bengaluru- based company has inked a pact with DMG MORI, a world leading manufacturer of machine tools, for cooperation in the field of additive manufacturing. Here DMG MORI acquired a 30% stake in INTECH.

The stake sale is used for research and development and innovating additive manufacturing solutions for volume production. Going forward, we will achieve competitive cost with our end-to-end solutions, while steadily and consistently moving towards mass production in additive manufacture, Nanaiah Appanna, general manager, Sales, Intech DMLS told Pharmabiz in an email.

Unlike conventional manufacturing methods, prototypes and patient-specific one-off requirements to solve a unique problem can be manufactured quickly and cost effectively. For small production requirements, stringent qualification process need to be complied within healthcare and additive manufacturing is the perfect solution for the same. The fact is that different anatomical structures need varied mechanical properties in materials to meet the required performance of the printed object. Hence there is good scope in medical applications, as well as related requirements, he added.

The main distinction among the different materials that characterize the human body is fluctuation between rigid and soft materials. Human bones are an example of rigid tissue and ligaments or articular cartilage are examples of soft materials. Bones are the simplest and easiest biological tissue to be produced by 3D printing as the majority of the materials are rigid said Appanna.

The scope in the healthcare industry is that it is used for preoperative planning. Specifically in medical equipment, it allows the possibility to choose the size of the prosthesis’s components before the implantation with a high accuracy.

It is patient-centric care where with implants & implant replicas, additive manufacture helps hospitals to respond faster to patient demands and provide customized implants solutions.
In the area of customized surgical tools and prosthetics, through AM technology, we can easily customize surgical tools and prostheses as needed. Also, the cost of developing such highly customized surgical tools and prostheses is affordable using additive manufacturing compared to conventional methods, said Appanna.
 As a technology-driven company, we have adopted an approach to revolutionize manufacturing through innovative solutions. We are committed to lead the additive industry and build software tools for DfAM with additive being at the core of its design. We are certified under AS 9100D, and TUV Certified ISO 9001:2015 and can offer meticulous end-to-end solution in metal 3D Printing.

We are working to lead the additive industry through our solutions. products and services – There is a need to equip our customers with use of additive manufacture across industries, said Appanna.

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