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A Raju, Hyderabad May 26 , 2016
The Andhra Pradesh health department has embarked on strengthening its healthcare infrastructure in the state. After bifurcation of the state, most of the healthcare infrastructure is left with Telangana state. To overcome this deficiency, the state government is planning to revamp its healthcare infrastructure in all segments.

Among all the priorities, the health department is planning to overcome the deficiency of doctors by installing Health ATMs in the state. Apart from this, the government is also mulling on plans to establish leading hospitals in Vijayawada and Kurnool on similar lines of Hyderabad’s NIMS and Nilopher Hospitals.

At present the state is severely lacking a paediatric hospital to cater to the healthcare needs of just born children as such of Nilopher in Hyderabad. “Our government is giving utmost importance to healthcare sector in the state. As a part to strengthen and reinvent the healthcare infrastructure we are setting up a Nilopher like hospital in Vijayawada and also have plans to upgrade the existing Kurnool hospital for treating heart disease. For this, state government has decided to modernise the existing Kurnool hospital and install all the necessary infrastructure and equipment needed for the cardiac surgeries,” informed Kamineni Srinivas, health minister of Andhra Pradesh.

The state government is also planning to bring in various other policy changes under the ‘Chandranna Swastha Chikistas’ healthcare initiative in the state. First and foremost, among this is setting up of health ATMs where the patients will utilise it for dispensing the medicines free of cost.

The Health ATMs will be new concept to be implemented for the first time in the state. The health ATMs will dispense free drugs based on a prescription.

In India currently the central health ministry has given its consent to start the health ATMs in 4 states of Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Odisha and Andhra Pradesh on a pilot basis. Once this project becomes success, these ATMs will overcome the deficiency of doctors in the state.

 “The main problem facing the healthcare sector is lack of sufficient number of doctors in the government hospitals. As most of the older doctors are getting retired, the state government is thinking of increasing the retirement age from present 60 years to 65 years,” informed a source in the healthcare department.

At present there are 7,600 MBBS students studying in the state. For them the state is also planning to give tablets. As there are also various problems faced with regard to blood banks, the government is also giving special focus to ensure quality standards are followed in the blood banks in the state.

Overall the AP government is embarking on reorganising its healthcare set up with an aim to modernise its infrastructure and at the same time providing the best of healthcare facilities at affordable costs with more efficient services in the government hospitals.

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