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Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru January 06 , 2021
The Association of Manufacturers of Ayurveda Medicines (AMAM) now sees that a slew of advertisements are being made for the Ayurveda products. This according to the Association is denigrating the age-old classical formulations sourced from the valuable traditional texts.

According to Pradeep Multani, honorary secretary, AMAM, the frequency of advertisements has increased during the current Covid-19 pandemic scenario. All this has gained momentum after the advocacies of Ayush ministry’s faith on the acceptance of products from the Indian system of traditional medicine.  

Demand for Ayush products has gained momentum due to their established long-term safe use and proven efficacy for boosting immunity and other therapeutic indications. In this regard considering the sanctity of Ayurveda and as a torch bearer, AMAM urges members to refrain from such type of activities, he added.

“We are all aware that Drugs & Cosmetic Act defined two different categories of formulations: Classical & Proprietary. Both the categories are having their trust, and acceptance amongst ayurvedic physicians and consumers. The regulatory requirements for both the categories of products are different even though they are formulated considering ayurvedic principles,” he said.

Classical products are the base for all the formulations and they have a special space amongst the ayurvedic physicians and they are traditionally attached from thousands of years and they have become part of life. Recently, we have observed few ayurvedic product advertisements which are denigrating age old classical products explained in ayurvedic classical text books, said Multani.

However AMAM believes in promotion of Ayurveda, Unani & Siddha systems of medicine. Therefore it is the Ayush industry alone that can enable working in close coordination to take the sector to greater heights, he pointed out.

While certain industry representatives beg to differ stating that the Ayush products needs to be advertised as part of the marketing strategy. They viewed that there is a need to create an awareness on the presence of the new brands that could boost immunity in a phase where the coronavirus disease was spreading with a vengeance.

Lauding the move by AMAM to bring to the notice of the industry members that advertisements could malign the value of classical and proprietary formulations, another section of industry members pointed out that many of the formulations needed to be prescribed therefore if advertised the image of the Ayush medicines would be impacted. Moreover, without a comprehension of the therapeutic dosage, safety and efficacy, public needs to make purchases with caution.

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