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April 01 , 2015
S K Flavours & Fragrances (SKFF) is a leading organisation in the Indian subcontinent in the field of flavours and fragrances. The company is engaged in the creation, development, manufacturing and supplying of an extensive range of flavours and fragrances in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, consumer goods and cosmetic industries. Karan Hirani, director, SKFF, in an email interaction with Anurag More, spoke about flavours and fragrances for the cosmetics sector, emerging trends and more. Excerpts:

How important are flavours and fragrance for cosmetics sector?
I believe the cosmetics sector is growing at a very rapid pace both in India and in the southeast Asia region; trends and research coming in from the West. In India, for instance, 50 per cent of the population is under the age of 26 years and all of them becoming increasingly aware of how they look and dress up.

F&F plays a very big role in the cosmetics industry. Apart from the advertised benefits, customers are drawn to the product by its looks, advertising and its odour. Cosmetic companies are always on the look-out for traditional classic fragrances like floral and fruity as well as new market trend-setting fragrances like Aloe, Chamomile, and Vetiver. Fragrances are often used in the skin care industry to mask unwanted smells.

How big is the flavours and fragrance business in India? At what rate is it growing?
The F&F industry in India is estimated at about US$1,400 million and expected to be growing at 8-10 per cent in the next 3-5 years.

Brief us about SKFF.
S K Flavours & Fragrances, is a sister concern of S Kushalchand & Co (est in 1922), and is in the manufacturing of flavours & fragrances under its own brand name - SKFF - for the last four decades. SKFF is a family run company with a long history and strong foundations with an aim to be a leader in the Indian as well as overseas market.

With its office in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, and factory and R&D centre situated on the outskirts of Mumbai, SKFF is well established to cater to any project brief from customers all over the world. We take pride in meeting international quality standards. Our factory with 70,000 sq ft of manufacturing space harbours an application lab for the testing of our own flavours and fragrances before launch into the market.
Tell us about your product offering.
SKFF offers flavours both in liquid and powder - spray-dried and dry mix - form. Flavours are used widely in food, beverages and pharma industries whereas fragrances are consumed in personal, home and laundry care sectors. Our products are exported to over 16 countries worldwide.

How are the government regulations for  flavours and fragrances?
Governments all over the world have different laws concerning flavours and fragrances. For example, in India, flavours are governed by FSSA - Food Safety and Standards Act. Many companies also require the US FDA approval or IFRA compliance certificates. (US FDA and IFRA are well known regulatory bodies worldwide).

What are the trends and innovations happening in the sector?
Flavour & fragrance trends in India are widely governed by trends in America and Europe. With the innovation of new molecules and raw materials the profiles of the products are significantly affected. There is wide demand for substitutes for highly expensive raw materials and products dependent on nature.

What kind of R&D is taking place in the sector?
A lot of R&D is based upon the compatibility of fragrances and flavours with newly developed raw materials used in the end products.

How do MNCs look at the Indian market?
The Indian market is growing rapidly seemingly unaffected by the global economic crisis. Many of the MNCs have set up manufacturing facilities here and have offices in multiple parts of the country. The Indian market is very diverse hence requires a deep understanding of the local needs.

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