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Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai April 08 , 2021
The Pharmacy Practice Regulations (PPR) 2015 introduced by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) in January 2015 to ensure pharmaceutical services through qualified pharmacists for improving the quality of healthcare will be implemented soon in the state of Mizoram in the north east.

“All the processes are in the pipeline, we are expecting the order from the government very soon,” sources informed Pharmabiz.
Although state governments in Kerala and Karnataka had taken steps to implement the PPR, the pharmacy councils in these states could not succeed in implementing the regulations in the wake of strong protests from traders’ community and also due to the apathy of the drugs control officials.

Now, the state drugs controller in Mizoram, who is also the president of the state pharmacy council (MSPC), has taken initiative with the government to get the PPR implemented in the state. Following his diligent efforts, the state government has accepted his proposal and the official procedures for the implementation are being executed.

“We are expecting the order from the health secretary any time from now giving direction to the concerned departments under the ministry for implementing the pharmacy practice regulations 2015. Several meetings were held on the proposal I gave to the government and the last one was held in February this year. Before that meeting, the health minister asked me to submit the details of the proposal, accordingly I submitted all details which were discussed in the last meeting in which, apart from the minister, the health secretary, joint secretary, director of public health, director of medical education and the director of drugs control administration were present. It is now in the consideration of the government and we are expecting the direction from the health secretary any time,” said L Lalsawma Pachuau, director of food and drugs, government of Mizoram.

Lalsawma is also holding the post of president of Mizoram state pharmacy council.

Once the PPR 2015 is implemented, every state pharmacy council will get some regulatory powers and they will have to appoint pharmacy inspectors to conduct inspections in medical shops to check whether the pharmacy is functioning as per the provisions of the Pharmacy Act 1948. Further the council has to conduct continuing pharmacy education for the working pharmacists every year. Similarly, annual renewal of registration for pharmacists will become mandatory and the pharmacist in the pharmacy has to wear white coat and badge while in duty. Patient counseling will become a prime responsibility of the pharmacists and he has to counsel the patients on how to take medications in order to avoid adverse reactions. The PPR was framed based on the provisions of the pharmacy act.

Meanwhile, Dr Tamil Mozhi, the registrar of Tamil Nadu state pharmacy council said a proposal by the council to the government requesting for direction to implement PPR 2015 was considered by the government one year ago, but due to the spread of Covid-19, no further action was taken. Now the council is again planning to approach the government after the new government assumes office. TNSPC has formed a special committee for the implementation of the PPR once the government gives its nod.

The PPR 2015 got first approval in Kerala in the year 2015 itself when B Rajan was the president of the KSPC. His council had appointed pharmacy inspectors in all the districts on the advice of the government. But due to protest from chemists and druggists association, the government did not exert pressure on the council to implement the regulations in the proper way. The government that came to power in 2016 favoured the traders’ demands, consequently the new council had to wind up all the process for implementation of the regulations.

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